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SkyPvP 2.0 Revamp
Vihara Owner
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IGN: Vihara
about 1 month ago


We're releasing our Skypvp revamp. We've been working hard on it for the past 2 months, we hope you like it!

In the recent months, we have been dedicating more developers and team members to skypvp.

➤ What is Skypvp?
Skypvp is a minigame where players fight on floating islands and earn rewards. There's a lot of kits that you can
unlock by either donating or leveling up.

➤ Skypvp Map

We've been working on hard on the new Skypvp map! We hope you like it!

➤ Leveling system
We implemented a brand new leveling system! You earn 4 xp per kill and you can earn many rewards by leveling up. There's 10+ leveling kits that are really OP!

➤ Lootboxes
7 brand new lootboxes! Common, Uncommon, Epic, Legendary, Requiem, Unique, Virtus.

➤ Team System
In our 1.8 update we implemented a team system! You can create your own team that can have up to 8 members.

➤ Kill Streak
New killstreak system.. You can gain rewards by having a higher killstreak.

➤ Balancing, Bug fixes, and Tweaks
Balance changes:
- Kits completly balanced now

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the bug where you couldn't die in void.
- Your xp doesn't go into - now now if you suicide.
- You don't gain xp when you suicide.
- Team system bugs fixed you can enjoy it now.

Alen#9999 - Game Designer (Team, Menus, Scoreboard, Lootboxes config, Holograms, Level rewards, Killstreak rewards, Building 2 islands, Made like some of the kits)
Gasper Lukman#0001 - Game Designer (Lootboxes, Killstreak, Level, Leaderboards programming)
MrCatFishek#0001 - Kit Designer (Made all of the kits.)
JackyEdits#1827 - Head Builder (Built most of the map, gave ideas)
ErmaLp#7789 - Sr. Builder (Built a lot of stuff)
Jablana4Life#1215 - Jr. Builder (Small builds)
Waffle_90#7545 - Lootbox design, Secret room building

We hope you enjoy the update and thank you for being patient <3

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