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Skypvp Update Thread 2.1
Vihara Owner
19 posts
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IGN: Vihara
about 1 month ago


I fixed some of the major bugs. I'll keep working on fixing all of the bugs and adding new features to skypvp!

In this thread, I will announce the fixed bugs.

 Update log

  • New loot boxes added now there's 9 loot boxes in total,
  • Started working on the quest system and quest kits,
  • Improved scoreboard.

 Bug fixes

  • Loot boxes fixed,
  • Punch enchantment fixed,
  • Loot box npc at spawn fixed,
  • Fixed the store category not showing up in the kits menu,
  • Fixed /team kick command,
  • Fixed the lapis block transfer


  • Reduced some of the kit cooldowns,
  • Removed some of the lapis from the crates,
  • You earn 4 xp per kill now, might make it more.


That's all thank you for reading this update thread!

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